End of tendency cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning In Canterbury

End of Tenancy Cleaning Canterbury refers to the specialist deep cleaning of your rented flat or house before the new tenants move in. It’s also called move out cleaning, tenancy cleaning, and just deep cleaning.

You may have asked the question to yourself, do I need it?

Essentially, whether or not you will need to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning will depend largely on your tenancy agreement. Most modern tenancy agreements state that you need to have your rented flat or house professionally cleaned before you move you.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Canterbury

Coordinating an end of tenancy checkout can be daunting and a stressful task, so at, ICleaning Limited, we try to help wherever we can in order to make your end of tenancy clean run as smoothly as possible.

Attention to detail is key and we pride ourselves on quality. A thorough end of tenancy clean benefits everyone involved in the chain and stops complaints down the line.

We meet the high expectations of the Property owners and Property management companies across Canterbury, maintaining a high standard of efficiency and cleanliness throughout the properties when we carry out the end of tenancy cleaning.

Why choose ICleaning Limited for your clean?

No agency charges.

Full public liability with polished insurance.

Friendly, reliable and trustworthy.

5 stars feedback from our clients.

We supply all the cleaning products, materials, and equipment.​

For your convenience, we accept Debit or Credit Card payments.

How long does an End of Tenancy Cleaning Canterbury take?

In our experience, it is more than likely that there will be some heavy duty cleaning required, especially for ovens, insides of kitchen units, fridge freezers, shower cubicles, and professional carpet cleaning.

An end of tenancy clean can take between 6 – 8 hours.  Properties that have not been properly maintained and neglected may take longer, 2/3 days.

What do we need to carry out a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Canterbury?

Electricity is essential so that we can use our hoovers, steam cleaners and carpet cleaning machines.

Hot water really does help speed up the cleaning process, so if this can be put on before we arrive it would be very helpful. Parking permits must be supplied if there are controlled parking zones.

Keys to the property

If you are not available to meet us at the property, we can collect keys from your property owner or agent. This is a chargeable service; we will give you a price for this service when booking your clean in.

What do we clean?

​Cooker Hobs/Extractor Fans


Fridge Freezers


Washing Machines/Dishwashers


Shower Cubicles


Towel Rails/Nooks & Cranny’s

All Woodwork



Walls dusted, marks removed where possible, cobweb removal to ceilings, corners, and light fittings.

Door handles, sockets and switches cleaned. Pictures and mirrors cleaned and polished. Light fittings dusted, cleaned and polished where possible. Curtain rails dusted and wiped. Radiators dusted and cleaned. Fireplaces dusted and cleaned. Furnished properties; all furniture, shelves, cupboards, and drawers cleaned and polished. Carpets professionally cleaned upon request. Conservatories cleaned upon request.

You may contact us 24/7 or book our services from the website.